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The bridal makeup tips for wedding. 

In this article, we will provide tips for bridal makeup. Every woman wants to look good and beautiful in her wedding. The bride is very conscious during her wedding about her looks.

Beautiful bride makeup in wedding
Beautiful bride makeup in wedding 

In Indian wedding, traditional decoration & rituals are consider very important in during wedding. Indian wedding tradition are very popular across the country. 

The wedding is  consider the place to meet with the soul of two family. Every girl wants that she looks beautiful in the form of a bride at the wedding and make-up promotes the beauty of the bride. 

His make-up usually takes a lot of make-up layer on the bride in a desire to look beautiful and most different in the wedding. The makeup help girl looks gorgeous and beautiful in her wedding. 

Let's look different bridal makeup look. 

Indian bride makeup in wedding
Indian bride makeup in wedding 

Today we are going to tell you some bridal makeup tips.

The essential thing before applying makeup:

1.Clean your face :

●At the time of applying anything please clear the face with moisturiser and gently applying hands. 

●Always make your face treatment before doing make-up.

Give time to your skin for nourishment:

Indian simple wedding bridal look
Indian simple wedding bridal look 

Wash the face with hot water and apply papaya paste on it. Wash face after 15 to 20 minutes. It works as a natural moisturiser.

2.Prepare base & moisturise:

●After cleaning the skin apply base with most important thing is moisturise skin to get glowing skin. Put the Foundation on it so that your eyes will look beautiful.

3.Apply blush effect brush :

●Keep a steady small smile and apply it in a circular motion, mixing it upwards, near the ears. This will create a healthy expression on her face.

4.Eye liner tips :

● Use simple and plain black liner with applying dark at top and heavy at the bottom, also take care it should be water proof.

Indian Bride makeup images
Indian bride makeup images 

● Always have a transparent mascara on your eyelids, which makes your eyes look very aggressive.
5.Take proper sleep : 

● During the wedding the stress in mind cause due to tension. So to relax the mind, the proper sleep is the best solutions for managing the stress. Due to complete sleep the mind feel peaceful and relax.

6.Lipstick advice : 

● At the time, use light and soft colour lipstick which is suitable and match with dress. Mostly, the red colour is very impressive for bride or girl. In that she looks stunning and beautiful. 

7.Tips for shining hair : 

● For shining hair, wash the hair with shampoo and put some hair treatment in parlour which is best for hair. This will create shining hair and bride looks beautiful. 

●Everything does not happen only with make-up alone. Some should also pay attention to our skin care, we will not need too much make-up.

Indian Wedding bride makeup images
Indian wedding bride makeup images 

●Tell your requirements to the artist. 
Any time you get married or a bride, tell your make-up to 4 or 5 weeks before the bride is ready so she can give you some instructions for your skin.

● Make your skin related makeup always enhance your beauty, not to suppress its reality.

8.Steps after makeup : 

● Avoid direct sunlight : 

Direct sunlight contact will cause you dead or black skin. If you want to prevent this avoid direct sunlight or you can put clothes on top or cover the outside body.

●Match the makeup with jewellery and clothes.

Bridal wedding makeup images
Bridal wedding makeup images 

●Never install a tone white with the foundation of your skin tone, so that your face and foundation are not known more than the foundation.

●Put the foundation in the hands, always make up your eyebrows until you make a complete makeup of your face.

●Make a make-up that always comes in handy with the jeweler, make-up do so, which also matches the design of your dress.

9.Some key things to do after making makeup : 

●Minimize chances of acne.

Steam treatment is very beneficial for the skin. It keeps the skin clean and soft. Pimples do not happen again after cleaning the skin.

Beautiful bridal makeup photo
Beautiful bridal makeup photo

●If your wedding is in the day, make make up a little bit light and if you get married at night then make your makeup a little thicker.

●Buy lipsticks as you match your dress so that you can correct lipstick by putting lipstick again.

●Give more attention to makeup on your eyes and lips which are very beautiful.

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