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Generally carbohydrate is the main ingredient in energy to humans. We need energy for the growth and development of the body.

Carbohydrates food list
Carbohydrates food list 

We get this energy from food such as rice, wheat, potato etc. which contain micronutrients which contain sugar, starch and fiber. Through this, the daily energy demand of the body is met.

What are carbohydrates :

Carbohydrates are a sugar, which goes inside our body and produces glucose. Glucose is the primary source of energy for the brain, muscles and other cells.

Simple carbohydrates are those sugar whose molecular structure is normal, I or two degrees. Due to their molecular structure, it dissolves very quickly in our body. And due to this, they eat energy in our body from one breath.

It can affect our blood sugar level. Marketed foods such as cakes, biscuits, etc. have similar sugar. That is why we are told that food made from market should be eaten.

If we also eat food, keep in mind that you take a meal in which the quantity of processed sugar is very low.

The use of simple carbohydrates is not bad every time. Such carbohydrates are easily found in many kinds of fruits.

What is complex carbohydrate?

Complex carbohydrates are those whose molecular structure is three or four degrees. Because of their molecular structure, it takes time to dissolve in our body.

The food that it contains in this complex carbohydrate, it takes time to dissolve in our body, that is why it keeps giving us energy for a long time.

Main food in which it is found is peas, beans and whole grains. Carbohydrates are very beneficial for us.

Advantages of carbohydrates.
Benefits of Carbohydrates

They have the following advantages.

Mood changes:

It changes your mood very quickly and you feel happy inside. The main reason for this is that there is a substance inside our body called 'serotonin'. Because of this our mood remains good. Carbohydrates intensify the production of 'serotonin', due to which our mood gets better and we feel good.

Preventing weight gain :

Carbohydrate contains a wide range of foods, one of which is - fiber
Fiber is a carbohydrate that digests very slowly and it is also very beneficial for our health. So by taking such a diet that contains fiber, your weight remains under control.

Beneficial for the heart :

Carbohydrates can be very beneficial for your heart, but it will depend on what food carbohydrates go in your body. If you are taking carbohydrates daily through oats, it is very beneficial for your heart.

But if you are taking carbohydrates with some very high sugar content, it can also damage your heart. That's why your food needs to be pure and good.

Healthy brain :

Not only is our brain healthy with carbohydrates, but it also stimulates our brains. Often people who take low carbohydrate diets find this problem that they can not remember the last time.

If you do something that has high brain use, then you should take a carbohydrate diet.

Better sleep :

Sleeping better than eating the food which contains low-digestible carbohydrates. The reason is 'serotonin'. Yes, 'serotonin' is not only good for our mood but we also get good sleep.

Good digestion power :

By eating such foods, which contain natural carbohydrates, they also contain fiber. Such food helps to soak water from us and protects us from diarrhea. This makes our digestion power strong and good.

Energy source :

Carbohydrate is the primary energy source for our body. Going inside the body, it turns into glucose, which is essential for the energy of our body. So by eating such foods that contain carbohydrates, our body lacks energy.

How much carbohydrates in a day :

If you need 2000 calories a day, then 45 - 60% of the calories you should get from carbohydrates. Accordingly, you should take 225 - 325 calories from carbohydrate food.

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List of food with carbohydrates :

1. Apples
2. Blueberries
3. Carrot
4. Oranges
5. Bananas
6. Grapes
7. Pineapple
8. Pears
9. Mango
10. Watermelon

Banana :

Banana is the source of an excellent carbohydrate.

Banana makes our body extremely smart, and due to the element of fiber found in it, our digestion is also healthy.

Orange :

In this fruit, the element of vitamin C is found in large amounts, which protects us from the risk of cancer. These elements also safeguard our heart, and also help to refine our skin.

Apple :

By eating apple, our body's health can be very good. There are many nutritional elements in it that make our body tight.

Some of them are elements, antioxidants and fibers. These also keep our brain healthy, and diseases associated with it are far from us.

Watermelon :

Watermelon has a lot of carbohydrate, as well as lots of water. Therefore, many of its advantages are seen in the summer.

These fruits have proved to be good for our eyes too, and keep us away from any kind of trouble.

Carrot :

Many antioxidants are found in carrots, and beta-carotene is one of them. Due to this we can stay away from cancer.
When we eat raw carrots, we have more of its nutritional benefits.

Blueberries :

It Contains antioxidants that keep cholesterol level correct, in many studies, this fruit has been found to be good for the heart and according to the research, this component helps improve blood fat balance and helps prevent artery holes Are. Apart from this, blueberries are helpful in reducing blood pressure.

Grapes :

Grapes contain substantial nutrients such as iron, copper and magnesium, and these nutrients are useful for strengthening bones.
With the use of grapes, your body receives good amounts of antioxidants. This increases resistance in your body in free radicals and prevents cells from oxidative damage so that reduces the risk of cells getting damaged.

Mango :

Everyone knows that mango is the king of common fruits, this food is so much of the test. There will be very few people who do not like the usual.In general, mineral such as potassium, magnesium and copper are also found in abundance.

Not only this, there is also a great source of common quercetin, beta carotene and estroglyen. These powerful antioxidants have the ability to minimize radicals.

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